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Birds Of A Feather International

The Atlanta Nest is a closed meeting that meets both in person and on ZOOM every Wednesday evening at 1930 Eastern time

We meet at:
Talbott Recovery (Main Campus)
5355 Hunter Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30349
(10 minute drive from KATL)

The security gate is opened at 1930, park to the left and enter thru double glass doors just up the hill.  If the gate isn't open push button and let operator know that you are there for the Birds Mtg.

ZOOM meeting ID: 573 527 897
Password:  023282

Below are contacts for additional information:

Paul M.      909-292-6024     text or call
Bill T.        901-336-5183    test or call
Owen M.     678-378-1169     text or call
Jeff A.     678-596-3091     text or call
Jim V.     260-312-4663     text or call
Lyle P.     770-507-4040     call only
Jeff T.     404-242-8904     text or call
Paul F.     404-405-3934     text or call

Our nest is available for all pilots.  We have up to 20 attending our meetings in person with an additional 5-20 on Zoom.  Sobriety ranges from newcomer to 30+ years.  We are always happy to have visitors so give us a call and we will assist you with directions and/or transportation.

Copyright © 2014 by "BOAF" All Rights reserved.